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Archie nearly fell out of his chair and choked on his muffin when the rude girl's boyfriend harnessed a pair of....ghosts??? from a stick?? "What in the devil...?" he sputtered indignantly. "What kind of sorcery....?" He pointed an accusing, wrinkled finger at the young man, unable to voice clear, coherent thoughts, he was so shaken!

"Unhand me, you hooligan!" he bellowed at the young man, clearly impersonating as an officer of the law. He just performed some black magic summoning of the spirits; no way did he think he was a reliable authority figure. Besides, he was doing nothing wrong to warrant the police to need him for questioning. He was simply trying to enjoy a muffin and figure out where he was.....

But before he could say anything else, another lovely young woman entered the scene. She was beautiful and kind, and reminded Archie of his granddaughter, which calmed him just slightly (even if he was still indignant!). "Thank you, young lady," he replied brusquely to her as she attempted to handle the rude couple. "It's nice to see that some people still know how to respect their elders." And he could tell her EXACTLY what was going on here. Rudeness and sorcery!
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