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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post

"Ollivanders? Did something happen to your wand?" Nettie asked in concern, raising an eyebrow. She knew in the back of her mind that his sister was starting school this term, but wasn't currently putting two and two together. After being used to Eiji being at school without her, she just assumed he was off doing his own thing as per usual.

" was Japan? Was the alchemy class everything you wanted it to be and more?" she asked with a grin.
It took him a second longer than it should have for him to realize that she thought something was wrong with his wand. His wand was perfectly functional and not broken, thank you. "Not for me, for my sister, Rebecca. She's starting Hogwarts," he said as a sort of refresher since she obviously had forgotten. Hardly fair of him to expect her to remember every detail about himself anyway.

"Japan was fine and alchemy was fantastic," he replied with a shrug, not particularly wanting to go into too many details about his struggles with being there. "My uncle had me join his performance calligraphy club's bloody kanji on a large scale. The brush is as long as a person and just as heavy."

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