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Originally Posted by MunchyBubbles View Post
Kamryn smiled widely at him and nodded. ďMmmm, well Iím glad I can help you feel better. Ē She said softly, really it was her mission in life. As long as her friends were okay, thatís all that mattered to her.

ďOh! So we are in the same year then, thatís fun. How do you think you did on your OWLs? Ē She asked curiously. It was always an interesting topic to bring up.. especially with fellow fifth years as they all had the same experience to go through.

ďItís nice to finally meet you Patrick. Iím Kamryn, Kamryn Keighley. Ē She said as she grinned at him.
Hearing her statement softly made he smiled broader. He really hoped he was looking friendly and not creepy. Creepy is never an okay look on anyone. His heart fell as he heard her question about owls. Oh boy, he had been avoiding that envelope, which his parents hadn't found yet. "Mine arrived last week when I was at my grandparents... haven't really had the heart to look" he scratched the back of his head nervously.

Placing his hand back in his lap Patrick made eye contact with her, "How did yours go?" he had hoped that all of his friends and honestly that the whole fifth year passed them. Had anyone at hogwarts ever had to repeat a year because they failed their OWLs? Oh god was he going to be the first one?

Smiling back at her name, "Yes it is absolutely superb to finally meet you Kamryn." Superb Patrick....really? He really needed to stop watching those old time muggle movies with his muggle friends. Soon he'd start using whippersnapper in normal conversation.
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