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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post

With a grin, Beau grabbed a snack or five from the food table, kissed his Aunt's cheek and headed out with Spar on his arm. "Mate, you gotta stop holdin' me. Peeps are gonna think we're an item. And that's more than weird." So he tugged his arm away and offered one of the snacks he had grabbed. "I hope your Mum is in charge of food for this camping trip. My Mum is only thinking about all the players she knows and can tell about her new surname." Vom vom and vom. Beau was already over it, of course. He didn't even care that she had gotten remarried or that she still wanted a new baby when he was supposed to be her baby. No, no, not bothered at all.

"aLRIGHT. So. I'm thinkin' that we find a lass or five and we follow 'em around. But we could ALWAYS get my skateboard and skate on the floor to see things better." He was full of the best ideas.

"And we don't mention Evie or Afrika. Ite?"
"People aren't that stupid. I'm dragging you by your sleeve." Nevertheless, Sparrow slackened his grip and let Beau shake himself free. Honestly, if Beau thought dragging someone by their sleeve likened them to a couple... Well, maybe there was a reason Evie wasn't officially his girlfriend or whatever.

Spar took a snack, though, because food. "Dunno. Probably, she's got a billion people to look after," he said with a shrug. So it wouldn't surprise him if his mum had added 'feeding everyone' to her ridiculous to do list. Yeah, it was cool that West had bought all the Stemp House kids tickets, but he was staying out of the way when Lorelai needed help.

Nodding along and not really paying attention, Sparrow tilted his head to one side as something Beau said did strike a chord. "Yeah, about Afrika... Should I have invited her? I kinda forgot and like, there's already a billion people for mum to look after -" Had he mentioned that already? "- and I s'pose we can't spend allllll of our time together, right? But reckon she'll be annoyed?"

Hang on, had Beau just said something about not mentioned Evie or Afrika?

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