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She was really enjoying checking out the crowd and had struck up a conversation with a SINGLE man who wasn't a grandad or an infant so he might well have been the love of her life. And then all of her future plans with him were gone. Because of a bloody meerkat. Ms. Eliora Dodderidge, Department Head of Accidents and Catastrophes, commanded her way through the crowds gathering in the stands and the entire way through to the camping area. (A camping area that she had discussed in detail with her department in the planning stages for this summer)

With a tut on her approach, she realised that not only were they dealing with a muggle, but she was being left to deal with aurors in training. Oh, how she loved a trainee. Oh, how they drove her wild. Oh how she needed more coffee in her system to not make a snarky comment in their directions purely for disturbing her flirt. Eliora gave a look to the baked goods on the floor, crouching down to put those on the ground back onto a nearby tray and gave an apologetic smile to the young woman selling them. "Any income you've lost to the floor, send a receipt to my office. I'll cover it. Apologies for the lack of care given by my friends in training here." Once the tray was full once more, Eliora straightened up and gave it back. She knew what it was like to be earning on your own and how being easily dismissed changed your day.

See, look, she did care about more than herself.

Looking at the 'friends' she had just claimed as her own (and also disclaimed in the look she was giving), Eliora placed her hands on her hips and gave a soft-eyed look at the older gentleman being physically handled by the lad. "Hands off. Let him sit down." With a point towards Ava, she spoke again. "Tell me what we have and why there's a scene being caused." Before heads rolled.
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