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Originally Posted by MunchyBubbles View Post
Kamryn ignored the raised eyebrow as she said her life wasn’t interesting at the moment. To be fair, it had calmed down a ton during the final few months of the year. After the Ansel drama.. and you know, studying for OWL’s took up much of her time, so she didn’t have much time to angst.

She did however nod as he spoke about going to find a quieter place.. she was about to reply when he leaned in and whispered something that made her blue eyes widen considerably.

“No way! Oh my Merlin! Bast! Tell me everything! ” She whispered softly up at him. “We should go find a quieter part of the street though. ” She said softly..

Cause right now it seemed like they were rocks in the middle of a fast flowing river!

She sighed softly as he spoke and looked at him sadly. “I know! I would have love to come with you to Italy, next summer.. we are planning it right now. ” She said as she tugged gently on the sleeves of his shirt. Just letting him know she was serious. Though her smile faded as he spoke of her being alone and her family..

“They all have their lives, they don’t need to concern themselves with their little sister. ” She said, partially in defense of her family, and partially in an attempt to make herself feel better!

She nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t forget you.. I promise. ”
Out of any of his friends, he knew that information would be most important to Kam. They had been best friends since the met his first year at Hogwarts. He had told her his life story and she him. She was the first person he told that he was Bi. That was their friendship. And this particular information happened to do with his biological father. His mother raised him alone until she got married when he was four and his step dad came in and was the father he never had. But Sebastian had always had this nagging thought in the back of his mind. He needed to know who his real dad was.

He finally got his mother to spill the beans during their trip to Italy after constantly begging her to tell him. It was an incredibly weird situation as well. "I KNOW, right??!!!? Yes, We have to go somewhere not so crowded. Too many ears here and I want to keep it quiet as long as possible." Because rumors traveled around the wizarding world far too quickly. He looked around for somewhere to go..

Sebastian looked at her sad face and gave her a small smile, "I know, Kam. And yes...yes we are planning it right now because when momentous life changing information is shared you need your best friend around to share it with." He said with raised eyebrows and a grin. "We are planning it now! And you can't back out! No excuses!" He said poking her nose with his index finger.

Sebastian sighed, it was the same excuse he had heard a million times. 'Their busy and don't need to worry about me.' Shaking his head, "I understand, Kam but you shouldn't be left alone in that great big house. It's not right," he paused, "but I don't want to get in an argument about that. I know they love you and are busy, so I'll drop it." He said slowly letting go of her waist. He knew Trigger probably made sure she wasn't alone much and he was sure Chase did too.

"You better not. Or I may just have to tickle you." He said with the most serious face he could possibly muster. He finally noticed that the fountain was clear...the only issue with sitting there was you never knew if it was going to spray you. But it was always quiet. "Fountain?" He said nodding in that direction.

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