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Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
One person who wasn't happy about being here was Ronan. Unfortunately for him, events such as the Quidditch World Cup required huge amounts of security and as an auror-in-training, he'd been roped into helping provide said security. No matter his interest, or lack thereof, in Quidditch. At least he'd gotten assigned to the campgrounds? And he got to go home after his shift was over, thanks to apparation. Still, left him exactly zero time to go out and do things he did enjoy. For a solid month.

Was this whole thing almost over yet?
She didn't mind with this assignment honestly. It's not that everyday England hosted a Quidditch World Cup and being involved with a huge event like this (even though just as a security person) was a privilege. Ava had been working for weeks and made her had to send Basil to Edinburgh so her brother and his family could watch her black Labrador. Merlin, she missed her fur baby and couldn't wait to reunite with him. Hopefully Dima and his family would treat him well.

Most times like today, the YATI was assigned to be around the stand arena. She was about to start her shift after taking her daily medication and saw her fellow YATI (a year below her) looking so uptight and didn't spark any joy unlike the other people around here. "Not a fan of this assignment, I assume." She said, trying to ease the situation.

Originally Posted by Jessiqua View Post
Art was 69, but he still felt as spry and bouncy as he did when he was 29! No arthritis for him, and even his dear Madam Curie was going strong, if not a little more grey than before. He had set up a small tent in a cluster with his family - his three brothers, and various members of their own families had come to celebrate the Quidditch World Cup. It was unfortunate that Norway hadn't made it, although he wasn't much of a Quidditch fanatic - not nearly as much as his brother anyway. And whilst he wished to cheer both teams on, he had decided to stay with the country that he now called home, he was going to cheer for England.
Not too far from where she's standing, Ava saw a familiar old face, literally and figuratively.

"Professor Newton!" She greeted the old man. Even though he's no longer the professor but he's always been for her. That guy was her former potion master and also her head of house when she was still a spunky teenage Gryffindor girl. "It's Ava Burton, sir. I was your student, a Gryffindor." Just in case the old man had forgotten since it's been a long time she saw him. Probably on the last day of her fifth year or so, she didn't recall.

Originally Posted by Archibald Greer View Post
Where in tarnation was he??

One minute ol' Archie was doing his civic duty in helping clean up the local park, and the next minute......well, he wasn't quite sure what happened!! The last he remembered, he was collecting discarded aluminum cans from the ground to be recycled and when he picked up a particularly unusual looking one, he felt a strange jolt, like he was being pulled by some invisible force through time and space. Something like in one of those newfangled science fiction programmes. He even lost his cane in the process!

And now, somehow Archie was on the ground and in a completely unfamiliar place. Tents as far as the eye could see, so some sort of campground? Slowly, the old man tried to get his bearings and struggled to get to his feet. He turned towards the sound of a young woman offering her baked goods. That might not be half bad. "I could do with a muffin. Bran, preferably." And he really needed his cane.
While having a conversation with her former professor, her brown eyes couldn't help but noticed the man who just landed with portkey. His face showed a confusion when he realized where he was. Ava nonchalantly kept looking at him because he seemed like he did not belong in here. Oh, Merlin. "Hey, Carter." She spoke in low voice-almost whispering to her fellow YATI. "Keep an eye on him." She suspected he was a lost muggle who accidentally touched something that was a portkey and brought back here.

Probably she should report this to her supervisor.

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