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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Nope. Never.

And it was the more benign thing that he could bring up time and time again, so she should reflect upon his kindness every time that he did do so. Or perhaps she should be concerned that he did not bring up her more...malignant acts. Not forgiven and not forgotten, simply buying his time on the subject. Though not for revenge, no. His feelings on that subject were far more complicated than that.

"Oh. Right," says with an amused gleam in his green-hazel eyes. No, point to Eiji because it was yet another manner in which he easily ruffled her feathers. "No, actually. Just from Ollivanders."
"Ollivanders? Did something happen to your wand?" Nettie asked in concern, raising an eyebrow. She knew in the back of her mind that his sister was starting school this term, but wasn't currently putting two and two together. After being used to Eiji being at school without her, she just assumed he was off doing his own thing as per usual.

" was Japan? Was the alchemy class everything you wanted it to be and more?" she asked with a grin.


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