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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Whyyyy did her cheeks have to pink when she said his name?? And why did he have to find that so incredibly adorable?? No nothing went wrong, just him and his anxiety over everything that COULD go wrong.

"Ohhhh that's sooo exciting!!! What position did you play?" Cause like he knew she liked both seeker and chaser. "Sammeeeee!!! I'm playing CHASER for the Scotland Under 17 and it's ..... wow.... better than winged horses." He grinned. Right, uh.... gift.

"Mmmhm, yea, like, I wasn't sure which team you'd be supporting in the world cup, probably England cause closer to home and all, but I got you two water bottles, one with India's insignia and one with England's..." Cause hydration was a thing for quidditch players, sooo figured that would be a thoughtful gift and all. "Kind of to apologize. For fleeing at the Three Broomsticks." Ethan rubs the back of his neck again. "I just ... the thing is, I like you. But I'm not sure that I like like you... and I just ... I like spending time with you, kissing you is great too... and i just ... i don't know." Okay, tumble of information. "But I don't know that I want to tie you down. Or well you tie me down. Or I just ... i don't know." Okay, redundant.

"You did? That's great!"
Nettie exclaimed, and before she knew it, she was kind of...hugging him. But like, a FRIENDLY hug. Because friends hugged! It was a TOTALLY NORMAL THING for friends to do, and she was excited for him! She knew how hesitant he had been about the whole thing. "I'm really glad you like it. And chaser?! Me too! I'm just a reserve BUT I have gotten to play in TWO matches so far," she told him proudly. As a first year player, it was honestly better than she could have hoped for.

"Oh, that's really nice...thank you," she said with a smile, taking the bottles from him with a small blush. Again. UGH. ", that's ok. Really," she insisted. Yeah, it had been a little...weird how he had turned tail and fled right after the Three Broomsticks. Or, more specifically...after she told him that she LIKED liked him. At first, she'd been upset - but after some thinking and some late nights crying, she reminded herself that she had done EVERYTHING right. She needed to be honest with herself and her friends. That was one thing she had DEFINITELY learned last year. If he didn't like her back...well, she had been honest. It still sucked, but she was honest.

Oh, he was going to...explain things? Tell her his THOUGHTS? WHAT? Was this what people did?? Talked about their feelings? This was new. TOTALLY NEW TERRITORY HELLO. She listened to him, nodding as he spoke to indicate she was taking it all in. Processing it.

"Well...thank you for telling me what you're thinking. I like you too. I mean, as a friend and...I like kissing you too," she added with a grin. Their little snogging practice pact was definitely one of the highlights of the rest of her year. When everything was going wrong, it was one of the one things that had been going RIGHT. "And...I would LIKE to go on more dates with you, if you want. We don't have to be like...boyfriend and girlfriend. As long as you still want to hang out with me..." BLUSHING. AGAIN. "I'd be ok with that. We don't need labels," she told him. And if they kept up their snogging pact, that was fine with her too. That was implied, right?

This whole dating thing was NO easier the older you got. If anything it was more confusing!! What was the term for someone you were kissing but not dating??? Was there a term?

"I guess what I'm saying is, I don't want you to feel like you HAVE to be my boyfriend. Or...keep kissing me. For that matter. I'd be really...bummed but...I don't want you to feel like you can't tell me what you're feeling," she muttered. Right. That made sense, yeah?
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