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Originally Posted by SneakySeverusSnape View Post
"No, thank you.", Giovanni said, placing the necessary coins on the counter. Oops. He almost forgot that it was his sister Giorgia's birthday in a week. He promised her that he'd buy her a barn owl. He needed to send it to Beauxbatons as well. That costs like 10 galleons, right? He didn't have enough money for the robes, the owl AND the postage. Oh well. Giovanni decided to visit Gringotts before he went to Eeylops to get an owl.
Tori smiled as he took the package. “Oh I’m so glad I could help you.” She took her copy of the receipt and pushed it into the drawer built into the desk. “If you need anything else always remember us.” She waived as she got back to stocking the shelves.

Taking the new hats in the England and India colors she put them on the shelves. She flicked her wand to get the signs in front of the merchandise.

All sales final. Hats buy one get one half off, shirts 75% off.

Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
With her Hogwarts supply list clutched in her left hand the brown haired and eyed thirteen year old girl entered Madam Malkins. She was not at all excited to be buying school clothes today because this was the third school, in as many years that her fathered had enrolled her in. Ellie supposed the only upside was that she didn’t need to learn a new foreign language. It did not make up for the fact that she had still lost all her friends. Owling wasn’t the same as talking face to face no matter what her father said.

Sighing slightly Ellie made her over to the accessories section first. She would need a whole new set of scarves, gloves, ties and socks. Eyeing the display with all the house coloured stuff she muttered to herself a little irritation seeping into her tone "How am I supposed to pick among all these, when I don’t even know what house i’ll be sorted into at school?"
After setting the new stuff on the shelf she turned to see a small girl walking in she looked a bit perplexed. She wasn’t sure that the girl knew what she was looking for exactly. Swinging by the girl, “You finding everything okay hun? Anything I can help you with?” She tried to make her feel comfortable because she knew exactly what it felt like to be overwhelmed in her store. When she first took it over it was so daunting.

Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Presley was having the best summer of his life. He didn't have exam results to worry about, nothing (too) catastrophic had happened in school and he made it to the very last day. Juliette was healthy and happy and doing amazing at school, even his parents seemed to be in good moods.

But the best part about summer and the reason why he personally was over the moon, was definitely because of Indigo Rousseau. Aka his boyfriend of almost half a year, and things couldn't be better. He was with him all the time, and today was no different! They'd gone to maybe start some school shopping, but the minute Presley had walked into Malkin's he was drawn to the latest designs.

"Indigo! Come look at this one!" Pres beckoned his boyfriend over, sliding his hand over the velvet maroon cloak, far too fancy and expensive for him but so utterly gorgeous. He was very fond of Malkin's, a good reliable store that always summarised the latest trends for him. He wondered if perhaps he could intern here, while he studied fashion design. If he got in of course. But that's for future Presley to worry about.

"Isn't it amazing?"
Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post

Indigo had never actually been inside Madam Malkin's before. Was that weird? He'd gotten his robes originally in France, since he'd started school there and not at Hogwarts. Since coming to Hogwarts he had grown a bit, but he'd gone to the secondhand robe shop and not Madam Malkin's for that, since that was more in his price range. And he didn't actually need new robes this year. He hadn't grown more over the past year.

But he was happy to be there. As long as he was with Presley, Indigo was happy enough to go anywhere. He'd been spending as much time as possible with his boyfriend over the summer. And he didn't care what they were doing, he was happy to just be with him.

Indigo followed Presley over to the cloak he was looking at and gently felt the fabric as well. "It's very nice," he said. He wasn't in to this stuff like Presley was. Honestly it just looked like a cloak to him. Sure it was nice, but it was nothing special. But he knew Presley cared about it, so he smiled. He supported his boyfriend's interests even if he didn't necessarily know anything about them. And, by the way, he was confident that Presley would get in to whatever school he wanted and become a very successful fashion designer some day. Because he was amazing.
Tori watched the boys walking around together. She smiled noticing that he noticed a really nice set of robes. Once upon a time she had really wanted to own a pair of nice robes, although she wasn’t exactly sure what she was going to do with them at the time. She wanted to give them hope, swinging by again she smiled, “If you really like them I could get you some similar with a less expensive fabric.” she smiled leaning closer, “Only you’ll know they are cheaper.”
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