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Um...duh Archer was here. She'd have to be absolutely lying in bed dying somewhere to not be here. And yes, it was just her. Her first by herself trip. And thankfully, it was a big gathering of fellow magical people, so her glamping tent was most definitely allowed. Actually, glamping might not be the right word for it. It was more like a mobile apartment that just happened to resemble a giant tent on the outside. Either way, it was large enough to sleep a family of four comfortably, and she had it ALL TO HERSELF. Never mind that she had to return it in its original shape since her mom had borrowed it from someone at work, did she mention that it was large and she had it all to herself? You know what that meant, right? HOUSE (tent) PARTY! Which meant that she was running around, trying to find people she recognized from Hogwarts (and maybe the other schools too) and telling them about it (there might be fliers involved, too).

House party!

One person who wasn't happy about being here was Ronan. Unfortunately for him, events such as the Quidditch World Cup required huge amounts of security and as an auror-in-training, he'd been roped into helping provide said security. No matter his interest, or lack thereof, in Quidditch. At least he'd gotten assigned to the campgrounds? And he got to go home after his shift was over, thanks to apparation. Still, left him exactly zero time to go out and do things he did enjoy. For a solid month.

Was this whole thing almost over yet?
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