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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Derf wasn't entirely sure how fair it was to have asked Natalie to meet him here today, but seeing as they had sorta reconciled back at Hogwarts - though that had namely been Natalie concerned that he hated her, which...well...he only hated one person and she was nothing like that monster of a man - and it felt like the right thing to do before he departed for Australia. He had also taken a small side trip to Janus Galloglass before coming to the ice cream parlor and finding a table for the two of them. Thankfully he still had some galleons to spend - though it was more like sickles and knuts at this point.

Waiting with two bowls of ice cream - the flavor he had ordered was still her favorite, right? - he waited for Natalie to arrive.
Natalie had actually been rather delighted to receive his invitation. Any time Derf wanted to be with her was further confirmation that he didn't actually hate her (even though she still believed he had every right to and was still slightly bewildered that he didn't). She had been in a good mood for the last good while, especially now that it was summer time and she was able to wear something other than her Hogwarts robes.

Sporting her new summer hair cut and some of her favorite denim shorts, Natalie made her way down Diagon Alley in search of her favorite blonde mop. Peering inside the window of the ice cream shop, she spotted him and smiled.

Once she was inside, she made her way over to the table where he was sitting. "You remembered," she said proudly as she sat down across the table from him, inspecting the bowl of strawberry ice cream he had gotten for her.

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