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Nicola's parents (read: mum) were against the idea of their daughter camping out for the world cup. Initially, at least. It was easier to convince her dad, who was a big fan of football and he knew that it was all part of the fan club experience. Her mum, on the other hand and Mrs. Jarvis being the mum that she was, took about three working days before she finally obliged.

Well, they did let Nico go all the way to Italy and Paris with her girlfriend all in one summer. The quidditch world cup shouldn't be any different. Besides, she was enjoying Hawkleberry's company way too much. The hassle of being in an entirely crowded event was the least of her problems!

After settling down and placing all the magical safety measures (which she practices a lot for, by the way) around her area, Nico slipped out of her charmed tent and sat by the entrance with her sketchpad on her lap. The Hufflepuff was trying to draw inspiration from the world cup for her art portfolio. Imagine the vibrant colours and paints she could use for this!
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