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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Honestly Nettie could not believe that summer was more than half way done. Between U-17 and the drama between her parents, it had flown by in the blink of an eye. She was not NEARLY as rested as she had hoped she would be, but at least she was getting stronger through Quidditch practice. It wasn't easy, trying to balance...well, everything, but considering how far she had come when it came to dealing with her emotions, she was proud of herself.

She was doing a bit of school shopping today - she tried to do it in chunks so she could avoid home as much as possible - and as she wandered by the wizarding equipment shop, she paused. She stared at the window, trying to remember if she had stopped by here or not. She went to go pull out her list, to see if she had crossed the items off the list and... list. She must have left it at home. OR in her locker at practice.

Well. Boo.
While his sister was with their dad over in Ollivanders, Eiji made his way elsewhere in the Alley. Upon making quick work of picking up his updated textbooks, the fourth year decided to wander into Wiseacre's for - shockingly - no real purpose other than to browse. Something he rarely did as he preferred to have all his actions have purpose. He had not been back on English soil for too long, but already the familiar sound of his native tongue was bringing a comfort. Not that his Japanese was rubbish, it was just exhausting trying to translate all the time as he had not yet acquired that level of fluency.

Not that he would admit this to anyone and he was not going to dwell on whether or not Minako had picked up on such.

Wandering aimlessly, he happened upon Trinetta and...smirked. "Misplace another locket?"

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