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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Victoria had been staying busy with all things quidditch. Some fans were stopping in for her team colored robes, while others looked for outer wear for their teams. It was nice to see all the different people in her shop instead of just the overflowing amount of students who need new or gently robes. It was making her smile more.

Hearing someone muttering she lifted her head trying to determine where they were and just what they may need help for. Finally spotting a man standing with robes at the register. Wiping her hands down her pants she turned and smiled at him. “How many sets of robes do you have?”
"One.", Giovanni replied, smiling back at the woman standing behind the register. "Wait, actually... I might get two. Just in case. ", he said, going back to find the another set of the Ministry robes. "Where were they...", Giovanni mumbled to himself. After three minutes, he finally found them. Holding both sets of robes, Giovanni walked back to the counter.
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