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Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post

I mean, who can really go wrong with ice cream? Even if you were one of those weirdo's that like corned beef ice cream or something like that, it was STILL ice cream. Those were Torii's exact thoughts as she made her way toward the indoor seating area. She still hadn't ordered her ice cream yet, but she'd make her way up there soon.

She'd had a pretty decent summer, but she was kind of glad school would be starting soon. Ever since her parents died, and she had to make her way from America all the way across the pond, she hadn't enjoyed summers as much as she thought she would. Also, she was determined to make more friends to his year at Hogwarts. She'd made some last year, but even she had to admit she'd been so bitter about the move that she hadn't opened up to new friends as much as she thought she should.

So everything was going to be alright for her. It was just going to keep getting better and better!
Nettie was always in the alley this summer. It was far better than the alternative - going back to her house where you could cut the tension with a knife. She'd soooo been looking forward to a relaxing summer at home, focusing on her Quidditch, and yet she'd now found herself actively avoiding her parents and reading up on subjects she had always wanted to learn about, and just never had the time. Like kanji. Eiji was a good tutor and all, but it was also interesting trying to read it on her own. Since he was in Japan, she really had no choice and it made her feel comforted, like he was there with her which she knew she shouldn't feel but UGH. Teenage angst.

She was getting sick of ice cream, so instead of going to order, she walked in and tried to find a place to do her reading. Except the place was PACKED and there wasn't any empty table in sight. SIGH. She looked around and spotted Torii, the Slytherin she always had been bumping in to last term, and headed her way.

"Hey Torii! Mind if I sit?" she asked her, before going ahead and just...doing it anyways. Because she'd definitely say yes, right?
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