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Default Divine Regulation: Rules & Guidelines

The inner eye does not see upon command, but I expect you to behave as I deem necessary. As long as you all follow everything painted here for your human eyes to see, then I see no reason why our journey together to, through, and around the beyond cannot benefit us all.

Divine Standards
Just as the Great Bear of the heavens is always present and never dips below the horizon, so too shall your respect for me, your peers, and the topic of divination itself. Humankind speak of the golden rule and it applies to our journey.

The sun sets and rises, never straying from this path as is the same I expect of your punctuality to classes and other divination related summons. Tardiness will not be tolerated. You may only have two legs, but those are more than sufficient in getting you to where you are expected to be.

If you are in my presence and pursuing a greater understanding of divination, it is expected that you are an active participant. Open your mouth only if what you will share is more beautiful than the silence. Divine inspiration does not always need to be loud nor does your participation. The important matter is that one tries. The only perfection I seek is the perfection in genuine effort.

The sun and air provide all the additional nourishment your body and spirit require. You are expected to have fed and hydrated yourself prior to attending lessons and activities. Bringing additional sustenance should not be necessary nor will it be allowed.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's policy dictates that you wear your uniforms to lessons and activities. This remains true for my lessons and activities unless stated otherwise. However, it is recommended that those who wear skirts refrain from doing so.

Those sticks you witches and wizards flourish about. Wands. They are not necessary nor welcome in my lessons. Leave them.

OOC Reminders
Follow ALL SS RPG Rules and SS Rules. No exceptions.

Thereos is a fictional character in the Snitchseeker universe and his RPer is an entirely different person. Do your best not to blend IC and OOC. As such, IC breaking of rules will be dealt with in character - with loss of points, detention, or another punishment deemed worthy by Thereos. OOC behavior issues displayed in Divination lessons, threads, forum will be dealt with by site moderation guidelines - site warning, infractions, banning in extreme cases.

Do not copy and paste your answers from online resources or real life textbooks.

Class participation points are not and will never be rewarded based on correctness alone. If you choose to show up to Divination classes and activities, you are giving me your time and energy and that will go on rewarded. Allow your character to be themselves, provided incorrect answers, enjoy the RP for what it is!

All students of all years and houses are welcome to attend Divination lessons.

Enjoy the RP for what it is, a game! I repeat, all caps, ENJOY THE RP FOR WHAT IT IS, A GAME!