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Originally Posted by MunchyBubbles View Post
She was just minding her own business and looking for any of her friends when..


Someone ran into her and nearly knocked her off her feet! She stumbled back a bit and barely managed to keep her balance, she might have grabbed onto some random strangers arm in order to do so!

The sixth year mumbled an apology to the stranger and once she had gotten her bearings and her face was slowly making its way back to its normal color, she had flushed deeply when she had nearly tripped she looked around for who had ran into her! Intent on giving him a piece of her mind when..

“Bast!” She squealed and ran at him nearly full tilt until her arms were wrapped around her friend! “I’ve missed you!” She said as she kept hugging him.

Clingy party of one!
Sebastian couldn't help but laugh as his bestie basically tackled him. Yes, he was two years younger than her but he was about three inches taller...and slightly gangly. He was starting to get some good muscle strength though...which he was extremely excited about but that was no one else's business but his own!

"I missed you too, Kam!" He said giving her a tight squeeze. Keeping her in his arms, he leaned away to look at her. An innocent by-standard might thing they were a couple...but that was far from the case. They were just really close friends.

"I was hoping to run into you today! I've got so much to tell you." His eyes when wide at the 'so much' part of that sentence. It might even be too much. He was still processing it.

Then realizing his rudeness, he shook his head, "But first," he said with a grin and squeezing her waist, "how are you? Where have you been? Why haven't you Owl'ed, ma'am?" He asked with a pointed glance. They always wrote each other during the summer, and this year not one Owl!

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