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Kam was grateful to be in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Diagon Alley, truthfully she had been a little lonely since school had let out, and it was back to being just her at home.

In Scotland, away from all of her friends.

Thankfully her brother Chase was also home for the summer to help spare her from ultimate loneliness, but still.. she missed her friends and her boyfriend!

So she had come to Diagon to hopefully.. run into someone.. any of her friends really and not be lonely for the day.

She sighed as she adjusted her light brown hair in its ponytail, her blue eyes scanning the crowd to search for any familiar face..

Any one at all.

For my whole life, we never crossed that line, only friends in my mind.

But now I realize, it was always you. Canít believe I could not see it all this time.
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