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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Nettie had gotten most of her shopping done early, because - well, she was avoiding her house. The tension there was too much for her to take. So even though she had already stocked up for next term, she was still doing some window shopping in the alley.

Taking a sip of her iced coffee - she had a bit of an addiction now, thanks U-17 and her constant need to be AWAKE and energized for practice - she strolled along the street, pausing outside Madame Malkins. Did she need new robes? She HAD grown an inch since last term...
Ethan was ... confused. Panicked. Fortunately some time since the date in Hogsmeade had passed and hopefully he hadn't completely burned things. The thing was he liked Nettie, but he wasn't sure if he liked liked her, ya know?? She was a catch too, Ethan wasn't blind and could definitely see that. Brainy and athletic, she was great, really. So what then? Honestly, he had no idea...

... but it was her on his mind since Hogsmeade, so that had to mean something. Other than seeing her too, because of course he would.

"Nettie, hi," he said, awkwardly rubbing the nape of his neck. "Uh.... how's quidditch going? have you started?" Biting his lip, he waited, hoping it was okay. They were okay. "I .. have something for you, actually."
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