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Gossipy Tidbits from th Week That Was

June, 2098
by: Suzette Haggard

It’s that time again! Time to gather ‘round for a peek into the sordid debauchery that comes with the celebrity set. If you have ever felt like your life could be on camera well listen here and see that celebrities just might be normal like us or maybe these little owls that have given us this information might just show you why there are paparazzi following their every move and not yours. Enjoy your coffee or tea as you find out our latest information.

Which young almost-Auror was seen at the grand opening of the new club Uproar the other night? Why, it was none other than one Ronan Carter, son of famed failed wanna-be-Minister-come-French-MLE-Head Roxanne Carter. And just what was he doing there? Seemingly looking for someone to snuggle up with! How is it that guy's still single? Ladies you might want to find your way there to see if you could be the one that scoops him up. Also seen at Uproar was married actress Nessa Leighton, who was spotted kissing in the corner some blonde haired man that most certainly was not her husband!

Could there be trouble in paradise? We can only hope.

On another part of the famous planet, someone was seen popping out of a dumpster on Tottenham Court Road, but who could it be? Niv MacLean, that one hit wonder from a few years ago, that's who! It seems like he has fallen on hard times ever since his promising music career stalled out and he is trying to find a second career in making your garbage into someone else's treasure. We could only hope for that he has more talent designing trash than he did singing.

We hope you didn't think we would forget about all the buzz around with the world cup. Oh no, we have been watching and seeing some famous names in and around Diagon Alley, but also we have seen or should we say not seen some. We hope you have been out watching because there is one player who needs to keep his eyes off the ladies and on the pitch if England is going to win it all. Mr. Lamberto Urupi we are talking about you, yes, we saw you flirting with every lady you can.

Keep your eyes open and your camera's out dear readers, you never know when you could have the next scoop for us to share.
OOC: authorship credit:lazykitty

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