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SPOILER!!: Dalton! <3
Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Dalton nodded as Megan offered her help, cradling his coffee mug in both hands and leaning back against the counter. "I appreciate that," he said, honestly, even going so far as to offer a small smile of thanks. Which probably didn't look like much, but was intended in the most genuine way.

He sipped slowly at the hot drink in hand as he considered her next question. There were many perks to this job, and he was indeed enjoying it so far: the lab was fantastic, and the cases and tasks far different to things he'd experienced in previous jobs. Honestly, the work fascinated him, but he was inarticulate and uncommunicative, and so he settled with a simple, "I'm enjoying it, yeah. It's really interesting."

Which didn't exactly give her much information. And Dalton had hoped to escape conversation after that, so he was disappointed when Megan continued with her questioning. Trying his hardest not to look resigned to the conversation, he stared at his coffee for a long moment before looking back up at his colleague. No, he didn't want to, but he felt it would be rude to say so. "Er - I went to Hogwarts, Slytherin. Did Potions and Alchemy at Edinburgh, worked as a lab assistant there, did an internship at Gothsaint Enterprises and... now I'm here."

Was that even scratching the surface? Nope, but Megan wasn't getting much more information.

That tiny smile made Megan did a double take of the man’s handsome features. It was just... Dalton rarely smiled; if you can even call that a smile. But hey, she wasn’t going to complain. “It’s not a problem,’’ she remarked airily and pressing her hands against the cup tightly. The warmth of it felt rather good. But for Merlin’s sake! He didn’t talk much, did he? His responses didn’t give her much to work with, which was disappointing because she’d have liked to offer him some tips and advice if he had disclosed any issues to her.

“Nice. It’s great that you’ve accomplished so much.’’ Megan smiled brilliantly then moved to the cupboards. What was there to eat? She wanted something light to munch on. “I’m being Captain Obvious here but you’re not much of a talker. Sorry if I’m chattering your ears off. Just let me know and I’ll be quiet.’’

Or try to.

Talking was her thing.
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