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Originally Posted by Birchwoodmom View Post
"Yes, half now is fine." She said as she took the coins and placed them in the register, then marked his account as half paid. He seemed like such a nice young man and so polite. Lucy hoped he would like his room down the quiet end of the hall. It had a lovely view of the courtyard and the window opened nice and wide to let in the summer breeze.

His hesitation over the luggage went unnoticed. "As you wish. Please do be careful on the stairs and let me know if you would like supper brought up to you later on. The full menu is served to the guest rooms, although you are more than welcome to dine down here. The table by the fireplace is nice and cozy." It was one of her favorite places to sit. It had a great view of both the front and back doors as well as being able to see the very bottom of the guest room stairs. It allowed her to keep watch over the entire floor from one cozy spot.

She tapped his paperwork on the counter then placed it in the file. "You are all set. I do so hope you enjoy your stay, Mr. Zaman."
Hazel eyes matched as the woman took the coins he had surrendered and placed them in the register. Now that did pique his interest. For a split second he had started daydreaming, considering which was safer: him doing the job himself or the sly devils in his pack.

A hand gripped tighter onto one of the straps and the other onto the key that he had just been handed. Malik was beginning to turn away toward the stairs when the landlady mentioned something about meals being brought up to his room. "Uhh, no need, ma'am," he said, flashing a smile just to avoid looking like he was up to something. "Will likely catch a bite down here once I'm settled in."

He did need to mingle and scout around. More importantly, however, was that he didn't want to have to explain why he had a littler of rodent-like creatures roaming about his room should someone happen to walk in out of the blue.

"See you around," he added as a quick afterthought before darting up the stairs to Room 2-2.
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