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Alexa had only just nudged the door open when the woman broke out into large chunks of exposition....about plants......

She left her be asked if Law Enforcement wanted to look nicer and more environmentally conscious......?

Breathe Cambridge. Lex turned to Lucille, her expression neutral despite how unimpressed she currently grew. It didn't matter to her what sort of plants they were or what colour they happened to be. "I've got no one to spare for plant duty." They could start there. This whole "water every few days" thing, honestly who had the time to remember wilting plants in an office when the British Wizarding World was counting on you?

"I don't mind you putting plants around the place if that's what Olly wants," no skin off her back there, "But you'd have to send someone to maintain them too if that's the route you wanna take." They'd be decorative sure, but they'd also be dead pretty soon.
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