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Rachel paused with her dinner for a moment as she considered Kyle’s question. “You don’t have to but it will not be an issue if you do.’’ She took the opportunity to beam at him. “You know everyone loves you, even down to over protective Aunty Regina, to care about that.’’ Her sassy aunt had made it clear to the teen that it was best she not do anything silly to ruin her relationship with Kyle... though Rachel could not see why on earth she was ever going to spoil her relationship. He was the best thing to have ever happened to her.

He was laughing, which meant that he knew she was looking at him. Rachel chuckled and focused on the food again, taking another bite before chewing then swallowing. Now she looked over at him, her brown eyes shining with excitement and gratitude. “I can hardly wait to get started. I might need to make us a to-do list. Oh, can we add you teaching me this lasagna recipe?”
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