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Default All of the Indian Team!

As usual, ladies first.

Taking up the line behind coach, Mayur gave the woman handing out the room keys a charming smile. "Mayur Anand." It seemed unneeded to state that he was here with Coach and the team. Right? Eh. Sure, she seemed like a smart woman. She'd figure it out. He gave her another smile to be nice.

He grinned at his teammates, hearing that their captain was already up in his room. Sounded like Raju. He also noted coach asking for help with her bags, and if the Leaky Cauldron What kind of name was that??? couldn't spare someone, he would make sure to help her himself.

Though, while he waited he gave his fellow Beater a grin. "I found a gym nearby - do you know if Coach had one in mind? Think we could go try it out in the morning?"
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