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Default Prefects' Bathroom

As you walk along the fifth-floor corridor and pass by a statue of a man with his gloves on the wrong hands, you see a series of identical-looking doors. The fourth door to the left of the statue looks no different from the rest. However, those that try it will find that they cannot open the door. A simple Alohomora will not make the door budge, so carry on with the rest of your day ... unless you happen to know the password, of course.

Only prefects and Quidditch captains know the password (Squeaky Clean) to get this door to creak open and reveal a shiny marble-floored bathroom. Toilet stalls and a shelf containing towels and swimwear take up one side of the room whereas the other contains a set of couches, a coffee table, and a wizarding wireless. Many, however, often find themselves heading straight for the enormous, swimming pool-like tub in the centre of the room. The large tub fills up remarkably fast due to the many taps surrounding it. If you plan on staying here for a while, you might as well add some bubbles.

Don't mind the portrait of the mermaid -- she just likes showing off and flirting with the boys.