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Default Basement Corridor

To get to the basement level of Hogwarts, you need only go through the door located on the right-hand side of the marble staircase in the Entrance Hall. After doing so, you will find yourself in a broad stone corridor that -- contrary to the cold, damp corridors of the dungeons -- is warm and brightly lit with numerous torches. The atmosphere in this part of the castle is inviting, so feel free to stroll around aimlessly.

Though there are suits of armour scattered about here and there, it is the cheerful pictures placed on the walls that capture your attention. Rather than depicting famous witches and wizards, on display is a rather tasteful spread that will get your mouth watering instantaneously. Within each frame are paintings of food, from pots of soup, gourmet meals on silver plates, bowls of ice cream, boxes of glazed doughnuts, and more. If you weren't hungry before, you likely are now. It's a good thing that the kitchen is somewhere around here, right?