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He couldn't help but smile as she spoke about the plans, so her parents during the day and his that evening. It would work out well and he'd send a message to his mother in the morning, for now, it was their time. "Of course I'll go with you, should I bring anything?" He had thought about getting her family some little gifts, but wasn't sure exactly what or if it was appropriate to do, or if they should put each other's names on the gifts to their family. Their relationship getting more and more serious, he wasn't sure what was the actual right thing to do on some of this stuff.

Laughing as he ate, he knew she was looking at him and now he used to it, but he had been a bit self-conscious at the beginning. He wasn't full of himself at all and compared to his siblings could be named the opposite really, but he knew she wanted him as much as he did her. That alone made him just smile as she did this.

"You aren't overwhelming me, we cand o whatever you want. This next term will be harder so all the fun we can the better. " He had another year before graduation, but every term got harder and harder.
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