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Default Evile Elite Fanfiction Darers Returns!

Would you consider yourself a bit of a daredevil? Do you always choose dare over truth?

Then we have the thing for you!

Some of you might remember that back in the day there used to be a fun little group called the Evil Elite Fan-Fiction Darers that was immensely popular and provided a unique twist and challenge to all the creative writing here on Snitchseeker. IN FACT, it was so popular it spanned THREE WHOLE VERSIONS. Yes, that's right THREE versions, over seven years. Now, you do remember that SEVEN is a significantly magical number in the Harry Potter series? Well, there were seven books, seven Weasleys, seven Horcruxes, seven Harrys... well, you get the point. Can we, as a new era of EEFDs, continue on for another seven years?

Well, the Honeydukes Fanfiction team certainly believes so which is why we are proud to present its triumphant return to Snitchseeker!

That's right, the Honeydukes Fanfiction team has brought back the EEFD to its shelves!

So click on over. Come on. We DARE you
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