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Well...worse things had happened to him but MERLIN did a splinter inside the mouth HURT. Holding as still as he possibly could while the healer worked, Derf wanted nothing more than to mount his broom and take off. It was, you know, kinda awful being in a flying class and being grounded. The irony being that he was grounded by the very thing meant to get him airborne. "Uh...thanks," he mumbled while running his tongue over the spot where the splinter had been, tasting the familiar metallic flavor of blood. Least it wasn't as bad as the bludger he had taken to the jaw over the summer.

No sooner had he finally kicked off the ground were they being given a new set of instructions. Tag with quidditch tactics...he could do that. Though he wasn't sure which one to go for to start...

Eventually settling on the Wollongong Shimmy, the seventh year began with some slow zigzags to warm up.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooi, catch me if you can!" he playfully taunted, leaning forward on his broom a bit to pick up speed.

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