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Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
With a friendly smile, Delyth replied “Aww why thank you! I never have any luck” gesturing to the wooden box "but it would be nice to go and see a Quidditch World Cup match!” It seemed like a life time ago since she’d last seem a game live. “I’m super excited! Although if I don’t win, I can’t see me being able to get tickets to be honest” giving a small shrug now. She still hadn’t managed to find a job since her return to London and money was definitely short at the moment. Study languages abroad they said. It'll be great for your future they said. Pfft.

“Hi, I’m Delyth” her right hand outstretched towards the friendly stranger.
"Well, you have just as much of a chance as the rest of the entries." She knew all too well how the young lady felt. Lucy didn't seem to ever win things either but still enjoyed the chance. " She nodded along with Delyth. "Maybe check with a few other shops to see if anyone has any ticket specials. I haven't heard of any, but I've been fairly busy here with all the players starting to check in." That was something she was going to have to check on. The past few weeks had been so crazy with QWC prep that she hadn't done her usual rounds to visit the other shops.

Lucy reached out and shook her hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Delyth. I'm Lucy, owner of the Leaky."
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