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Stretching? Derf was still a bit too preoccupied with gnawing on the handle of his broom like a beaver to a log to be doing much of that in the moment. Granted, his teeth were hardly qualified for such an undertaking but here he was regardless. Bit of drool now clinging to the hairs on his chinny chin chin - which were LONG, for the record - he used his back teeth on the tip while the healer spoke.

Different quidditch techniques? He had loads of those, unique tactics and stuff from his time with the U-17 Wales team. Some he was, well, there were some secret maneuvers that he wasn't really allowed to share. But there was one which he had come up with the name for and was specific to the team of three chasers on the pitch. "There is the Radial Runespoor," he offered up while raising his free hand. "It's a chaser attack formation we used on the Wales team."

Hmmm. Was this little bit of wood at the end coming loose?

like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion.............
like how a single word can make a heart open...................
I might only have one match but I can make an explosion.............
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