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Youth Writing Contest

May, 2098
by: Jorge De La Garza

In a world where news is everywhere, from fashion, gossip, daily happenings, and even sports, have you ever found yourself wanting to write about them? Maybe you have a child interested in the big news stories around the Wizarding World, or you or your child love sports so much they could give every single detail about what is being reported. If you are a young inspiring writer or you know one, then the Daily Prophet has something just for you.

The Prophet is proud to present a writing contest just for our wizarding youth. So get those quills inked up and that parchment ready if you are ages 10-17. We are looking for young inspiring journalists who can't wait until university to put those quills to use and get their stories out to the public. The topic can be up to each writer as long as it follows in one of our overarching paper features: news, sports, or lifestyle. Once you have picked the section of our paper you wish to write in, then all that is letting your mind and your quill put words on parchment.

All submissions are due no later than June 1, 2098, and should be owled to the Editor-in-Chief Jorge De La Garza. There will be a winner for each age group (broken up between ages 10-11, 12-14, and 15-17), and each will win two tickets to this summer's final Quidditch World Cup match. Every writer that enters the contest will be invited to a youth writers event this summer at the Daily Prophet. Those details will be owled to all entrants when the date for the occasion is closer.

Don't delay, young writers! Get to writing. We at the Daily Prophet look forward to your submissions.

OOC: Please have all submissions in by April 10. One submission per character, but RP members could do as many characters as they wish.

OOC: authorship credit:Bazinga

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