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Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post

What was the purpose indeed. A happy unexpected coincidence and nothing more. Though it certainly would add a bit of flare to this informal but formal agility exercise.

Lumbering around with floating and disjointed limbs, the plush rock golem took a mighty swing at one of the Unspeakables nearby [Nordic Witch] and strong kick towards another [Uncle Moose]
Laurel's attention was scattered at first when she ran around dodging plush rocks as best she could. The golem's appearance though with it's disjointed limbs as it floated around was an eye catcher. It was a good thing that Laurel's seer senses kicked in to warn her of the mighty swing the plush rock hefted in her direction or she might have been knocked senseless.

Now though Laurel's left arm and back was just graced by the golems swing which made her burst out with anger at it as she rubbed her arm and back. "Hey, that hurt!"

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