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SPOILER!!: Professor Wayland

Originally Posted by Suziella View Post
Tristan watched and waited patiently as the little fluff balls filled the cages. Once it was full he closed the cage door and locked it with his wand. He released a huge breath and leaned against the wall. Thank heavens those creatures went for the bait!

"Yes, lets have a look around and make sure we got every single one of them before we head off." Tristan said with a nod to Kassie. He knew he needed to stand up now, but he was so comfortable on the floor at the moment...Oh, well! He took another deep breath and sighed before pushing himself up off the floor.

He looked over to Skyler and gave her a small smile, "I take it you didn't get the memo about staying in your common room until the all clear was given? I suggest you head back....actually, I'll walk with you as soon as we are done checking this corridor." He wasn't sure where she was headed but he knew she wasn't supposed to be there.

Tristan quickly checked every nook and cranny that he could. He was a pretty tall guy so he was checking the higher places so the others could check the lower places. Soon enough he came back to the group empty handed. "It looks like we got them all. Great job Kassie! And thank you so much Chloe for helping." He hoped the rest of the groups were as successful as they had been...and as gentle.

He turned to the rouge Slytherin with a small smile, "Lets go." He picked up his cage of floof balls and headed down the stairs.

Skyler nodded and started to follow Professor Wayland. She had heard that the mutants could be friendly but she salso heard that they swallowed a teacher whole. Yeah. She was not taking any chances anymore.
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