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SPOILER!!: The Announcer & Javi!
Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
Owls are busy in level seven, every day more and more swoop in together to bring boxes and boxes of equipment. With the first set of matches scheduled to begin in just a few weeks all these items in the boxes need to be approved and ready for play.
Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Sipping his coffee with a happy smile on his face, Javier Hernandez walked in to his office, just as he did every morning. His face dropped, though, when he saw that overnight, a WHOLE pile of boxes had been delivered to the division. Really? They had to deliver it all at ONCE? Not in waves?

Well, there went his good mood. Sigh.

Setting his coffee down, he went over to the boxes and started to divvy them up amongst the rest of the workers. He'd prepared for this, he just hadn't expected it to all be dropped on them at one time.

Being the Quidditch Division Head, preparations for the World Cup were a great responsibility on Lucas. There were others to help with that, thankfully, as the Department was filled with talented and reliable staff. Not wanting the equipment delivery process to take a turn for the doldrums, he was today holed up at the Patents Division.

"Hey, Javi. If you don't mind me helping...'' the man said to his co-worker, a hint of tiredness in his voice. He was wondering how on earth he had made it this far because in addition to the World Cup preparations, he and Tallie were planning their wedding. The burn out was near, he could sense it. But his focus was levitating the nearest box onto a table so he could examine the contents.
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