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Hanna listened to the information, jotting a few things down. Debating wasn't something Hanna enjoyed doing, but listening to it was a different story. She just didn't like to point out her own opinions on touchy subjects, and didn't like having to defend her beliefs. But for the sake of being an involved classmate, she figured it was best to be involved.

To get started Hanna raised her hand, not really knowing the etiquette of debating. "Um I think it's not just a matter of repealing a ban or keeping it in place. I'd like to see all creatures, not just humans, given the opportunity to delve into the magic Wandlore, and the right to own and use a wand, but I don't think it's that easy." She looked up to Professor O'Hara. "I think one has to learn to use a wand, and have an understanding of the Wizarding law before they're able to use the wand. And that's what happens here, kind of. We have to be of-age, and until then we're only permitted to cast magic here. With other creatures who are..." what word to use? "Well... intelligent enough to understand, they should have every right to hold and use a wand. It might just take some kind of education of the wand and law."

She took a pause. How long was she allowed to prattle on for? She didn't like speaking to everyone, and was starting to get a little more nervous. "Goblins are very intelligent, they're able to use their own kind of magic, but as they say it's not fair to take away a chance of learning Wandlore, and extending their own powers through the wand." Hmm... "S-so yes, essentially I think we should repeal the wand band. But we Wizards must negotiate such things with the other creatures. Speak to Goblins, negotiate laws and policies with them, and not just decide for them how they will be allowed to use the wand."
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