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Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
Delyth couldn’t help but smile as she entered the old establishment, he blonde locks sitting somewhat dishevelled on her shoulders. It had been so long since she’d last been here and yet, it all seemed so familiar, almost like riding a bike. All except for a new sign advertising some sort of raffle. Taking a form silently, sat at the nearest table and filled it out, her mind wandering to who she’d invite if she won. No one. That was the honest truth. All of her family were across the globe and here she was, alone in the bar.

Text Cut: Official 2098 Quidditch World Cup at the Leaky entry form

Name: Delyth Louise Dominique
Date of birth: 2078
Favorite Quidditch team: (will not be used to determine a winner, only for gift merchandise selection) Caerphilly Catapults.
Why you should win:I would love to win as i've never actually been to a quidditch game! (Excluding one's in school! and I'd love to meet someone new to come with me!

Sliding the completed form into the wooden box, she stood, eyes roaming the bar, undecided on what to do next. Go and buy a drink? Or maybe have some food. Decisions.

While taking her stroll around the seating area to check on customers, Lucy noticed a young lady entering the raffle. She waited until the lady dropped her entry form in before approaching her. "Good day and best of luck to you." She had a soft grin on her face. "Aren't you excited about the Quidditch World Cup this summer? I can't wait." It was the most exciting thing to happen in quite some time. The carnival was nice, but not really her cup of tea. Quidditch was high on her list and the thought of all the foreign travelers headed their way excited her even more.

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