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It taken a while, given things had kept disappearing, but Noble had finally managed to restock the potions laboratory back to full capacity. Now it was time to help restock the Healer's stores, which had apparently been depleted of several healing balms and anti-itch creams in an attempt to cure the symptoms of the epidemic that had been going round the students. He could have easily enough done it alone, but he knew of several aspiring healers in his classes, and an extracurricular opportunity for potions enrichment, possibly alongside the Healer and his former housemate, seemed like too good a opportunity to miss.

Several trays of ingredients were out ready on the front desk, and Noble already had a large cauldron of lime green liquid bubbling over a flame. On the front of desks, a line of clean cauldrons awaited anyone and everyone who wanted to come long as they brewed with attention and accuracy. A ruined balm or cream was no use to anyone.

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