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Had History of Magic become Anna's favourite subject? No. Had she taken it slightly more seriously since her detention last year? Yep. She definite had.

That didn't mean she was bouncing off the walls in excitement to be learning about old witches and wizards' ways once again, but Anna's face didn't have 'boooored' written on it this morning as she walked into the classroom. WHICH was a massive deal since it was a Monday morning. See. Improvement!

"Good morning, professor O'Hara." She greeted the woman with a small smile and a nod of her head because the Captain felt she knew a bit more of their professor than her average classmate. Aaalright, they weren't BFFs - it'd be very weird to be best friends with a teacher, to be honest - but still, Anna now kind of liked the woman, even in her little quirkiness.

Taking a random seat, the Gryffindor got her stuff ready. Ollie would be proud if he could see her, as Anna was getting ready to - GASP - take notes!!!

The things imminent OWLs did to a fifth year.
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