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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Kyle had gotten out of his class early but instead of heading home he decided to head to Diagon Alley to do some shopping, he wanted to get something for Rachel just to surprise her, but he wasn't sure what. Should it be something for their apartment, maybe a pet, or possibly just some jewelry?

While he was thinking about it he decided to head into the Leaky for a quick drink. He hadn't been there in a while and figured why not. So heading to the bar he gave his order and found a seat. As he sat there thinking about what to get his girlfriend he noticed a raffle sign, well that was cool. The World Cup and staying right in the middle of it all. He knew he lived close, but why not try to win, a staycation could be fun.

Knowing the first set of matches were still months away, Kyle couldn't help but get excited thinking about all the Quidditch that would be played clear through the summer. He grabbed an entry form and filled it out.

SPOILER!!: Entry Form

Name:Kyle Bayless
Date of birth: 2079
Favorite Quidditch team: (will not be used to determine a winner, only for gift merchandise selection) Catapults
Why you should win: It would be a great opportunity to be right in the middle of all the excitement.

Lucy had just finished up doing some much-needed inventory in the stockroom and decided to take a quick lap around the seating area. Her staff was top notch, but it always made her feel better to roam about as often as possible. She loved her customers and wanted them to know she was there and available should anything come up.

After passing the counter, she caught sight of a man entering the raffle, and a bright smile spread across her face. She hoped many more would come and enter before the big event. “Good luck to you, young man. Are you excited about the Quidditch World Cup?” She didn’t want to assume he was a fan. It wasn’t a rule and she was sure she would get at least a few entries from folks that simply wanted a vacation.
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