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Originally Posted by natethegreat View Post
Finally, some field work.

After what had seemed to be ages of absolutely nothing to do, Aurora finally had some work outside the Ministry to do. And this was something right up her alley too; a man selling false magical relics and artifacts. However, his actual location is currently unknown, so she would have to ask around about his whereabouts. The first stop on her list being Madame Malkins.

The Valentino matriarch had waltzed in to the building with an air of grace and dignity, yet still as if she was on an important mission. In the interest of time Aurora made her way straight to the counter. Surely whoever was working the store must know at least some small detail about this criminal. Or at least heard some things from the customers who've come in and out of the store, that is. Upon arrival at the check out area, she had tapped her fingers on the tabletop, waiting for assistance.
Victoria was coming out of the back room with a few sets of Robes that she had just finished stitching up. She still was amazed that almost everyone believed she used strictly magic to get her work done. Shaking her head at the thought, sometimes a wand just didn’t give you the look like an old sewing machine did. Setting the robes on their proper rack she turned around and startled.

That blasted bell wasn’t working again. She’d have to go get another one, or maybe amplify the sound while she wasn’t in her busy season. Seeing the woman tapping her fingers on the counter she got slightly annoyed. It wasn’t her fault the bell didn’t ring loud enough. Plastering on her brightest smile she walked over. “Hello, I’m Victoria the owner, how can I help you?”

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