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Senior Undersecretary Bones Targeted in Suspected Attack

March, 2098
by:Brutus Trimble

The ministry picnic held in January was interrupted by an unusual fireworks display which culminated in an attack by several fiery dragons made from real flames. While many in attendance thought the attack was a harmless if eye-catching part of the display, the quick thinking of two nearby aurors, Evangeline Shacklebolt and Angelo Toussaint, likely saved Senior Undersecretary Bones's life as well as those of the other picnickers in the vicinity. Neither auror was willing to comment when contacted.

While it has not been confirmed if the flame dragon attack was intentional or accidental in nature, an unnamed ministry source has revealed that Senior Undersecretary Bones has been receiving regular death threats blaming her for her involvement in the Nickels administration, and she has a round-the-clock security detail, which suggests the threat is being taken seriously, and that the attack during the fireworks display was premeditated and targeted towards January Bones rather than accidental.

When asked for comment, the ministry released the following statement: "While we will not confirm nor deny speculation regarding Mrs. Bones' safety or the details of the security measures for any of our senior ministry staff, we assure the wizarding public at large that they do not need to worry, and our employees and their families were not at any risk during the events at the picnic."

If January Bones is again targeted in public, how will the ministry protect the public from being caught in the crossfire? This question and others remain as yet unanswered.


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