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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Taking a bite from her blueberry muffin that she had brought with her Laurel looked up and smiled at Jordan as she laughed. "I guess not. I usually am more on the lower floors of the ministry because of working in Mysteries, but the food court is closed and I wanted a place to eat something in relative quiet so I thought I’d try this café." That you could adopt plants and pets was just a bonus.

Drinking a sip of her tea she responded "I’m glad to hear that you are well Jordan," furrowing a brow at his last comment Laurel asked "Don’t you work full time in creatures?" After another muffin bite she beamed as her eyes went to the wedding ring on her finger before she looked up and responded. "Things are very well. I recently got married to my boyfriend Aaron that work’s in Games & Sports. Before that I was involved in the encephalon incident that all employees got a memo about from Minister Hollingberry. Another brain took over my brain to put it simply." And she had not been herself for many days but oddly Aaron had just thought it was her usual seer quirkiness going in overdrive.

"So um did you take part in the ministry picnic at St James Park recently?" Laurel wondered.
It's not a good news that the food court was still closed due to under investigation. It was the cheapest and most variable option for ministry employees to get the food so hopefully the problem will be resolved soon. But on the bright side, Jordan had saved some galleons because he always brought his own lunch from home. "I see." He nodded as he took a bite of his lunch.

Wait a second... Laurel's married? He couldn't help but surprised as she told him that. "Wait... when did you get married?" And how on earth he didn't know she was seeing someone? Oh well, they haven't interacted as they used to back they both were professors at Hogwarts. "And how on earth I did not get invited?" Was it just him or every other of their friends didn't know either about this good news? Well, the last time Jordan interacted with his former fellow professor was.... River and Camilla's wedding maybe. "... Congratulations, by the way. I'm happy for you." A smile was appeared on his face even though... Ah, never mind.

"Yeah, I'm still working full-time here. For now, I'm more an investor of this side project and co-adviser." He explained. Let's see if this project worked well in a couple of years, there would be a possibility of him leaving the ministry for good. "Oh? No, I did not. I was still out of town when it happened. Why?" Jordan asked her curiously.


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