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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

It was not long after that Dalton made it to the breakroom that Megan did too.

So unfortunate that he thought he could escape any nugacity.

“Daaaaalton!’’ she sing-sung when she saw him. “My absolute fave newb!’’ Oops. Should she even be saying things like that out loud? The blond glanced over her shoulder. Okay, the coast was clear so she shifted her enthusiastic attention back to Dalton. “How’s it going? Think you got a hang of the stuff I showed you so far? If not, you can ask all the questions because the last thing I need is for boss lady to think that I’m incapable.’’ Though Eliora should know by now that she was not.

“Hey, wanna make me a cup of coffee? Please.’’
Coffee was good. Coffee was excellent. Coffee was exactly what Dalton needed. What he didn't need, stood in front of the coffee machine waiting for his perfect cup, was someone singing his voice.

It wasn't that it was too early for that, or that it was too late - no, it was that it was something he never ever wanted ever. But, he thought, with a grimace, he should start getting used to it, because he doubted it would stop. "Hi, Megan," Dalton said as he turned around, his face free of any emotion because he wanted to be polite but he couldn't force a smile. "I definitely have the hang of everything, yeah. Thanks."

As for the coffee. "How'd you take it?"

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