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Bear bumped his head on the underside of the bench he'd been crouching under as he rose. "Ow," he complained quietly, rubbing the newly-formed knot on top of his head. Stood up too quickly. Still frowning, he took a quick second to Disillusion the cage he was holding, following Eliora's lead. He was already wearing gloves, but the thought of growing inordinate amounts of hair caused him to pull at them a little tighter. No thank you to that.

He was thankful for Eliora's level head under pressure. Of course they shouldn't split up -- that was an awful idea. The creatures had somehow managed to almost... weaponize cuteness. And, you know, they ate people sometimes. That wasn't an ideal outcome, and it was much easier to avoid falling in love with the adorable things and then getting swallowed whole things going awry in a big group than it was with just a couple people.

So. The Ministry employees knew what they were doing, if he did say so himself. Despite his inner complaints with his situation, he really was prepared for this sort of thing by nature of being in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. The professors, though... Truthfully, this Professor Wayland? was the only school employee who seemed to have a handle on things. This other lady, the one whose name he didn't know, didn't seem to be taking this all that seriously. In fact, Bear would venture a guess that she'd allowed the creatures' cuteness to skew her opinion of them. (Just wait until she was covered with hair, as well. Or EATEN. Then see how she felt.)

Bear's thoughts were interrupted by a student shouting -- at Professor Wayland, not him, the kid didn't even know him, but also was it just him, or were teenagers getting smaller and smaller over time? -- about a creature heading toward the towers. "Ah. Off we go then, I suppose?" Assuming the others would follow, he began the familiar trek toward the tower he used to call home, trying not to get too far away from the group for the reasons mentioned before. Mostly the whole not-wanting-to-be-eaten thing. No biggie. He walked cautiously, not wanting to frighten any creatures that may be tucked away nearby.
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