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Indigo was coming out of his common room, planning on heading toward the library to do some studying. He'd walked between the library and his common room so many times and never run into any troubles, so he had no reason to think this time would be different. It was just a normal, average day. Except, this time when he headed out of Ravenclaw tower he saw something headed in that direction. It was one of those... things. The things that had eaten Dopple.

Oh. Oh no. What was he supposed to do? His hand reached automatically for his wand, in case he would need to defend himself. Though the thing didn't look very dangerous. He should definitely tell someone that he had seen it. But who? By the time he got to the nearest professor's office the thing would probably be gone. Except... there was someone in the corridor ahead. A few someone's, actually. But he recognized at least a few professors, including Professor Wayland. He was Care of Magical Creatures so surely he would know how to handle this, right? "Professor!" He called, moving further down the hallway and further away from that little pink thing. "It's one of those creatures. Right over here, heading toward the tower."
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