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Discovery of the week: Pixie Lullaby at the Mermaid and Raven

March, 2098
by: Opal Mainwaring

There’s no shortage of new bands on the pub circuit in London, but Indie newcomers Pixie Lullaby certainly have a lot to rave about. The trio comes fresh out of the WADA music program with a provocative original set reminiscent of hometown favourites Murtlap on Toast, interspersed with storming wrock classics to electrify the crowd. I stumbled into them at the Mermaid and Raven last Saturday evening, immediately drawn in by the pared back, inspirational lyrics of Blank Slate about starting afresh and leaving the negative behind. In contrast, the head-bopping Seek My Love got toes tapping with its catchy rhythmical chorus, before they rounded off the show with an electrifying cover of wrock anthem You’re Banished by Krystal and the Yetis.

I caught up with Stevie Allen, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, after the show, where she told me that inspiration mainly comes from the people around them. “WADA has so many talented people attending, eccentric and open, and it’s hard not to want to be open too,” she told me. Confident and engaging on stage (“there’s something electric about people singing in unison, you know?”), she’s quiet and thoughtful off of it - which comes across in her poetic lyrics. Jaz, the guitarist, is the artsy creative one, and Mila, the drummer, is the networker, booking their gigs. The combination comes together into a dynamic, sweeping sound, both familiar, but also slightly edgy.

So, any plans hit the studio to record their first album? “That’s the goal,” Stevie told me. But for the moment they’re focusing on live gigs, enjoying the performance and the thrill of the crowd. And as awesome as this trio was to watch, that’s no bad thing at all.

Want to catch them yourself? They’ll be at the Witch’s Brew, London, next Wednesday, kicking off at 9pm.

OOC: authorship credit:hermygirl
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