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SPOILER!!: replies
Originally Posted by Daemon View Post

First of all EEP, look at our wifey Layla up there *___* gorgeous graphics as usual

RIGHT, NOW. I would like..... twoooooo signatures please? I wanted to ask for 27 but I feel bad yk? Thank you!

Signature 1: my BB Ronan!
Sizes: uhh, enough for four lines of size 1 text please and thank you!
Images: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (it's rEALLY hard finding photos despite him having so many I don't understand how this has come to pass but if none of these work lemme know <3)
Text: Ronan or Ronan Wallace or Ronan Emery Wallace or maybe with Hufflepuff? but without his year please
Aesthetic: uhhhhh wow, what is his aesthetic? idk, he says he's a hufflepuff and he's a good person and he's fast. so. yes. Does that help? XD
Anything else? ILY.

Signature 2: the world's most annoying person ever Philippa
Sizes: same as Ronan
Images: if these are usable then please use this? link. If it's too hard to work with those let me know and I'll find some more! I just really love that phothshoot :3
Text: Philippa von Brandt
Aesthetic: Sleek, classic, elegant, expensive looking, confident.
Anything else? ILY ILY ILY.
@ mention of Layla graphics: THANK YOUUUUU!

I hope you like the graphics I made for you!

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
I'm baaaa-aaaack!

What would you like? Set, please!
Sizes: standard SS
Images: Options
Text: Mariana Medina and Botanist
Aesthetic: Greens? She's really into plants/nature so colors going with that?
Anything else? Nope! You're the best!
Ooooh, I'm looking forward to making these! Thank you for requesting again!

I've already added you to the queue.

Originally Posted by RandomRaven View Post
Oooohhhh I love all of those! Thank youuuuu~
Yay! I'm so glad. You're most welcome!

Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
I love your Umbrella Academy icons. I have snagged a Klaus, Vanya and Five and loaded them onto my image account for future use and will credit you when I use them.
Thank you, lovely!

Oooooooh. Good choices!

Originally Posted by kleanne View Post
Totally snagged Klaus from your grab bag! Loving all your art!
Wooooo I love Klaus! Thank you so much!

SPOILER!!: graphics
DANI. I hope you didn't want them to match too much because lol they do NOT. I really liked Philippa's sig in the end and the basic idea of Ronan's (though I'm not sure how well I executed them????) ANYWAY I hope you like them and let me know if you need any changes!

Bonus avs:

✔ Credit natekka or natalie's corner
✔ Leave a comment when you pick up
✔ No hotlinking; upload to your own image account


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